Botanischer Garten


I am currently working as a PhD student on the ex-situ cultivation and reintroduction project of the Botanical Garden of Bern. My research goals are directed towards investigating risks of ex-situ conservation, such as adaptation to garden conditions or loss of genetic diversity, addressing the relevance of several population biological and environmental factors for plant performance and establishing long-term ex-situ cultures and reintroduced populations. I also aim to strengthen a network of relevant actors within and outside academia for plant conservation and develop guidelines allowing practitioners to implement sustainable (re)introductions.

In addition, I have a strong interest in plant evolutionary biology, as this field presents a growing role in the domain of the conservation with promising results for protective strategies. It also raises very contemporary questions such as the evolvability of the species facing global changes. In particular, I am enthusiastic for the fields of plant gender, sex-determination system, sexual dimorphism, sex chromosomes and the question of how differential limitations in reproduction between sexes can lead to sexual dimorphism in morphology and physiology in plants.