I am a plant ecologist and botanist with a main interest in biodiversity, conservation ecology and community assembly. I have previously been involved in a research project about the ex-situ cultivation of rare and endangered plant species and studied the influence of genetic diversity on the short-term success of reintroductions of rare and endangered plant species of Switzerland. My most recent research project was in the framework of the Biodiversity Exploratories program, where I studied the relative importance of plant species richness, land-use intensity and different community characteristics on the stability of ecosystem functions after different types of disturbances.

In my current position at the BOGA I am interested to study in more details, which factors lead to successful ex-situ collections (plants and seeds) and reintroductions of rare and endangered plant species of Switzerland. This position, at the intersection between science and public, offers the opportunity to communicate this important topic and to collaborate with other botanical gardens, scientists, conservation practitioners and the info flora to strengthen the role of botanical gardens in the protection and conservation of rare and endangered native plant species.

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Journal Article

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Book Section

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Working Paper

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